The oldest thing I own

No ceramics posts here for a while, due to my parlous financial state, but this acquisition is worth a brief comment. It is undoubtedly the oldest thing I own but still manages that desired quality ‘beauty’.

[image image_id=”4191″ size=”large” align=”center”]

Most of the ceramics that grace Elitistreview Towers are from contemporary studio ceramicists, but this year we’ve looked a little further back into the history of that artform. For his birthday I scored editor Daniel a few pieces found in Chinese ship wrecks, the oldest being an elegant little medieval bowl. When I saw this I realised that would soon seem a comparative youth.

I am assured by the seller, who seems a trustworthy source, that this is from the Indus Valley dating back to between 1800BCE and 2800BCE. From that location I’d guess the fish depicted on it is a sturgeon. Consequently, every time I look at it I will feel a resonance with its original owner because with Elitistreview I am continuing the ancient and noble human proclivity to celebrate tasty things.