Here at Elitistreview we are concerned with only the absolute best wine, food and drink with the occasional dip into other passions.

You will note the word “best” – this does not equate with “most expensive”. Elitistreview is not a snobbish organ obsessed with exorbitant fripperies but a meritocratic publication happy to point out the pinnacles of pleasure at all price points.

The Elitistreview team consists of Davy Strange, loudly attired lunatic and god of blind tasting, who’s love for wine began at an early age.

He battles to distil his crazed cognitions into approximations of meaning which he claims are the articles. Davy’s demented despatches are expertly edited by The Editor (known by some as Dani Lindholm), the Most Reverend of restaurant knowledge, who brings a clarity of grammar and semantics to the posts of which David is incapable unless far more heavily medicated and distinctly less drunk than he prefers.

Davy is also fifth top red trouser wearer in the international wine trade.

Ten reasons why Davy loves wine.

Picture of DavyDavy

Picture of The EditorThe Editor


We thought large pictures of us would serve in the ego department.

About the reviews

Ignoring Elitistreview’s desperate need for sponsorship/advertising – please! The whole unemployed lunatic-gig does not pay for much fine wine – Elitistreview is not for sale.

With ever increasing frequency I get offered free bottles to taste and review. This is exceedingly kind of those people who offer such wine. However, a free bottle does not mean a free positive review.

I get a large amount of email saying how much people like my notes and, more satisfyingly, how they trust my buying suggestions. As I am a person of little income myself (see above), I know that a good buying tip is hard to beat; when you have limited funds you want them to be spent on only the best and not waste them on the mediocre.

Firstly, the best is what Elitistreview is all about. Secondly, as so many put their trust in me with advice in which direction to push their pennies, how could I look myself in the mirror if my loyalty were not to my readers?

No matter how flash and fancy a bottle of wine I get sent, if it is not good, I will not tell you it is. I would be letting you, my valued readers, down and I will have cheapened and sullied my organ. I would be lying to myself!

Everyone who sends wine to Elitistreview has this explained to them, and they can either choose to stand by the qualities of their wines or not have them reviewed. I have to say, that those who have stood by the qualities of their wines have almost always been right to do so. I have had some great free stuff.

Those who do not stand by the qualities of their wines? One fellow said, “I am not sending you a twenty-pound bottle of wine unless you praise it to high heaven!”. I had to laugh.

I laughed more when at a large trade tasting and I got to try the wine in question. He was right not to stand by its qualities! The only wine of that tasting I reported on my social media channels was his. I outlined the failings of it and mentioned in passing that he tried to buy Elitistreview.

Elitistreview reviews are not for sale!

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