Beautiful things (that are not wine)

I have ranted about Sarah-Jane Selwood ceramics [link2post id=”1119″]before[/link2post] on this blog; OK they are not wine, but they are beautiful things. In order to reward myself for surviving a freaking awful time and a brush with death I have decided to buy myself a little piece by her. I have owned four little pieces by her but the bloody cat smashed them before we got display cabinets (the cat has a bit of a thing for Sarah-Jane Selwood ceramics). So I am going to buy myself a new little piece. Contemporary Applied Arts have got three in stock and they sent me this picture of them:

Three little Sarah-Jane Selwood bowls

Aren’t they beautiful? I really like the ice-crackle glaze (which you can just see if you click on the picture to get an enlargement). Now I just have to decide which I want. I also have to not be tempted by one of her big pieces when I go into the gallery; they are great things.

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