Not wine, not ceramics but Roman glass

OK, this is not made of ceramic but it tweaks my aesthetic sensibilities in a similar manner.

[image image_id=”4218″ “size =”medium” align=”left”]

For a long time I have lusted after owning a little piece of well-preserved Roman glass; a follower of Elitistreview (who wishes to remain anonymous) gave me this marvellous example as a token of appreciation for all the laughs I have provided.

It dates from the 1st Century CE and, even if you ignore its historical interest, it bewitches me with its lambent beauty. The iridescent colours ancient glass takes on can be most attractive and I think this example delivers a properly florid collection of hues. I’m deeply smitten.

Many thanks for the gift, anonymous donor; Elitistreview Towers will be illuminated by its presence.