A new dish, this one is French

When browsing t’interwebs the other day we happened upon this rather spiffy dish – it looked good and was on sale at half the normal price so we purchased one. The company responsible for it is Jars, and the range of serveware it belongs to is Tourron Poeme Poupre. I do like the combination of the purple rim together with an ice-crackle glaze; crackle glazes really tickle my fancy. This is the first piece of French ceramic to make it into the collection. We need more space for putting these things on…

[image image_id=”3483″ size=”large” align=”center”]

If you’d fancy one for yourself one they can be purchased from the Heal’s website. More of Jars’ oeuvre can be seen on their website. Daniel says that some of their stuff is a bit girly, I have to point out that there is nothing wrong with being a girl and some of our best friends are girls.

[image image_id=”3499″ size=”single-cropped-thumbnail” align=”left”] [image image_id=”3500″ size=”single-cropped-thumbnail” align=”right”]