de Montille Beaune 1er Cru Greves 2009

A bloody huge mouthful of Beaune

I feel a bit guilty opening this wine. Lovely, small-scale Beaune Premier Crus that, with their abundant fruit and easy charm, seem like they will drink best as soon as you get the case from your wine merchant. This is simply not true – well, it is slightly true in that they are delicious young – the prettiest, most delicate Beaune Premier Crus (from good vintages and vineyards) will age (in my chum Tom’s word) “forever”. So I feel I really should be keeping this, but the only other wines I have are either undrinkable or too grand for a light afternoon on the sauce, so our palates will be caressed by Beaune.

All the de Montille Beaunes I have had have been sculpted entities of poise and balance – elegantly honed models of pure delight. This one may be from the hot 2009 vintage, but as Tom (again) and I seem to have noticed in recent times, the overt fruit explosion that a lot of 2009s had when they were released have evolved into much more sedate states. Good! I like my Burgundies so beautiful you need to look at them with a polished metal mirror to save glass ones from breaking and with so much restraint you need a key to let it loose in your mouth. Let us see how this shows itself.

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Frederic Esmonin Lavaux Saint-Jacques 2009

Utterly lovely minimalism

Gevrey-Chambertin is the home of the most modern, international-styled Burgundies. Dark colours, big, bold tannins, high alcohol levels, usually a lot of new oak too. If you like your Burgundy to taste like some Californian woody syrup, you could do worse than buy yourself a Gevery-Chambertin. Not from Frederic Esmonin, though! He is one of […]



Croque Madame Dani

This is a guest post by The Editor I woke up early as a blues singer this morning, with no intention to do anything special today. Reading the news provoked the usual despairing of humanity, until I saw the following tweet via Reeve the Baker. We thought eggy bread couldn't get any better but @DanDoherty_ […]


Mail fail

Mail fail

This is just a quick bit of site news. I have just discovered that I have not been getting comments and feedback that should have been emailed to me for an embarrassingly long time. I know I am opinionated but I did not think I was so unpopular that I deserved no feedback at all […]

Biggio-Hamina Caroline Pinot manifestly expresses love

Biggio-Hamina Caroline Pinot Noir 2012

This is the last bottle I have from the six Todd Hamina sent me. He did send another bottle of this, that I opened with some friends who were eager to try it based on my rave reviews of his other wines. Alas, it was horribly corked. No such problems with this bottle, thank goodness. […]

Not what it needed where it needed it

Volnay 1er Cru Taillepieds 2007 from de Montille

When it comes to de Montille wines, historically the real bum-biters were the Volnays and Pommards. Yes, now they have expanded their range the Nuits Aux Thorey and Vosne Malconsorts (and especially their La Tache-cuvée) are very good; however the Pommards and Volnays will always have a special place in my heart. It is not […]

Christ! Excellent English fizz from Exton Park!

Exton Park Vineyard

What a crying shame only one other person joined The Editor and I for the tasting of Exton Park fizz, the only indisputably fine English wines that I have ever tasted. The boss of Wine Utopia’s Winchester branch should hang their head in shame for failing to pack the shop with people eager to try […]

What’s bright pink, smells divine and is shaped like a Burgundy bottle


A bottle of Biggio-Hamina Andreas Vineyard Gewüztraminer, of course! I am not terribly used to seeing colourless Burgundy bottles, even less so seeing them filled with bright pink wine – but I will try anything once, twice if I like it! The winemaker, the lovely Todd Hamina, told me that ‘this is an orange wine, […]

Christ, lovely Corton!

Corton Les Renards 2009 Ligier Belaire

Sometimes I wonder why I buy Corton; it is so often thin, lean and green. I suppose that is why I now only buy it in super-ripe vintages. Even then it rarely seems worthy of Grand Cru status. Ripe vintages, of course, are wildly expensive: especially if you buy from Thibault Liger-Belair. Thibault is big […]

The Forte Kitchen – food is not its forte

Tiny Piece of off fish at the Forte Kitchen

I will not waste much time writing this review as the Forte Kitchen, Winchester’s newest lunch spot, is not worth the time; the Forte Kitchen certainly do not think they should spend much time on food. Indeed, the Forte Kitchen is a lunch place you should go if you are an anorexic who has a […]