Help a friend in crisis

Firstly, I apologise to followers of me on Facebook, you might have seen this already. Secondly, my apologies to everyone who has been waiting and waiting for a expletive-filled wine post. No wine had been consumed for a period of time at Elitistreview Towers, because alcohol is a depressant and… well… read the post below. … Continue reading Help a friend in crisis

2015 red Burgundy from Clark Foyster

If the Clark Foyster 2015 red Burgundy tasting provided a snapshot of the 2015 vintage in the Cotes de Nuits – what a beautiful, exciting, lustrous snapshot that was! The samples I tasted had all the unbridled pleasure of the 2014s, but with a firmer structure and stronger definition of the origins of the wines. … Continue reading 2015 red Burgundy from Clark Foyster

Z-list illnesses

Sorry, people who actually read the stuff I put on Facebook – it’s this again. Here is tonight’s rant, my subject: popular illnesses. Now, assume I am sitting behind an attractive, antique wooden desk, leaning back in an old leather-covered chair and talking to you in my most waspish Oxbridge academic tone: Why do you … Continue reading Z-list illnesses

Yummy Yarra

I wrote this post last week. As I was about to post it the Elitistreview Server went totally tits up. My computer department (The Editor) was too busy earning a living so we could… well… live to fix it until now. Elitistreview is now back on a fresh, clean, brand-spanking, new server so you can … Continue reading Yummy Yarra

A nutter for Nuits

I am currently changing antipsychotic medication. This requires tapering down the dose of the evil, rejected antipsychotic and then slowly increasing the dose of the new, fantastic medication. Currently, I am taking the lowest dose of the rejected antipsychotic and have only one more day at this level before starting something more useful. This means … Continue reading A nutter for Nuits

Basically brilliant Burgundy

Freddie Esmonin cannot go on like this forever. People must be leaving bags on dried tannin on his door-step. He must get notes pushed through his letterbox urging him to press, press, until the pips cry for mercy! At harvest time, attempts are made to switch his hutts with ones filled with screamingly ripe grapes. … Continue reading Basically brilliant Burgundy