Horizon Special on psychosis on 2nd May 2017

There is a Horizon Special on psychosis being broadcast on 2nd May 2017 on BBC Two at 21:00. Regular readers will know I am mad as a box of spiders, or in slightly more descriptive terms I have Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and chronic psychosis. These diagnoses and my transparency in explaining them, together with my … Continue reading Horizon Special on psychosis on 2nd May 2017

Help a friend in crisis

Firstly, I apologise to followers of me on Facebook, you might have seen this already. Secondly, my apologies to everyone who has been waiting and waiting for a expletive-filled wine post. No wine had been consumed for a period of time at Elitistreview Towers, because alcohol is a depressant and… well… read the post below. … Continue reading Help a friend in crisis

2015 red Burgundy from Clark Foyster

If the Clark Foyster 2015 red Burgundy tasting provided a snapshot of the 2015 vintage in the Cotes de Nuits – what a beautiful, exciting, lustrous snapshot that was! The samples I tasted had all the unbridled pleasure of the 2014s, but with a firmer structure and stronger definition of the origins of the wines. … Continue reading 2015 red Burgundy from Clark Foyster

Z-list illnesses

Sorry, people who actually read the stuff I put on Facebook – it’s this again. Here is tonight’s rant, my subject: popular illnesses. Now, assume I am sitting behind an attractive, antique wooden desk, leaning back in an old leather-covered chair and talking to you in my most waspish Oxbridge academic tone: Why do you … Continue reading Z-list illnesses

Yummy Yarra

I wrote this post last week. As I was about to post it the Elitistreview Server went totally tits up. My computer department (The Editor) was too busy earning a living so we could… well… live to fix it until now. Elitistreview is now back on a fresh, clean, brand-spanking, new server so you can … Continue reading Yummy Yarra

A nutter for Nuits

I am currently changing antipsychotic medication. This requires tapering down the dose of the evil, rejected antipsychotic and then slowly increasing the dose of the new, fantastic medication. Currently, I am taking the lowest dose of the rejected antipsychotic and have only one more day at this level before starting something more useful. This means … Continue reading A nutter for Nuits