Drinking Dujac Bonnes-Mares 2005

Elitistreview – one decade on

Today marks a decade of this illustrious organ. Wow! During that time I have posted 1,431 articles, which is an average of 2.8 per week. Last year or so might have brought down that average, but never mind. 1,431 articles is still one hell of a lot of fine wine, excellent meals, ceramics and psychotic episodes reported on! I feel I have done well to have kept Elitistreview going for so long so I’ll give myself a quick pat on the back and get back to reporting on wine.

Our chums James and Katie held a little dinner party last night to celebrate the continued survival of Peter despite his habit of hanging around war zones. He was visiting during a quick break from hanging around in the terrifying parts of Eastern Ukraine. Cripes! You would not catch me anywhere near there!

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Donnhoff Riesling Spatlese Oberhauser Brucke 2013 label

Happy 40th birthday, Dani!

This magnum of Donnhoff Spatlese Oberhauser Brucke 2013 was popped to celebrate The Editor’s 40th birthday. We celebrated in style at the Bangkok Brasserie (here is a review) which Harden’s recommends as one of the best ten Thai restaurants in the country. Nonsense, it is the best Thai restaurant I have ever dined in! I […]


Dani loves Délice de Bourgogne

On cheeses

The Telegraph published a Branston Pickles survey of Britain’s favourite cheeses. It turns out Britons have taste, as long as they buy the ones I recommend.


Sumatra Gayo Mountain Box


Some of the most popular posts on Elitistreview are those reviewing coffee pods; the review of Dhakan and Kazaar still gets over 2000 views a month despite being two years old. Consequently, I have decided to remove this distraction from Elitistreview and spin the coffee pod reviews into their own site. Caffeine-Fix.co.uk will now be […]

Everyone needs to shower – So make it fun!

IceMoon Colour Changing LED Shower Head in Action

The Editor purchased an LED colour-changing shower head as our shower assembly was falling apart. He has reviewed it on Beyond the PC, our new technology site. I think you might find this amusing. After all, cleanliness is next to godliness! This is true for for our readers interested in fine food and wine, but […]

Competently classy Cornas

Cornas Chaillot 2009 Franck Balthazar

When you have a really cracking piece of Beechcroft Direct Farm top rump to roast what do you drink with it? We have done Hermitage a bit much recently, and it is a bit too much of a chilly evening to eat rare beef and drink Hermitage naked. Syrah is a definite option and it […]

Blood orange mock poncha

Davy enjoying a mock poncha

Poncha is the fuel of Madeira, everywhere serves it and everyone drinks it. So deeply embedded is it in the culture of Madeira that it is a Protected Denomination of Origin – you can only get the real thing on Madeira. Hence this is mock poncha. Blood oranges are also not typical of the real […]

The tomato of god!

Marinda tomatoes

The world is full of wonders, most of which you will never discover. When you have had Isle of Wight and San Marzano tomatoes you think you have done ‘tomatoes’. Then you try Sicilian Marinda tomatoes and the world will never be the same again. These tomatoes are from the Pachino region of Sicily and […]

Yarra Valley Pinot and Bourgogne Rouge

Yarra Valley Pinot Noir 2012

With our simple but delicious lunch of M&S BBQ Hickory Steak Pizza we popped a bottle of Mac Forbes Yarra Valley Pinot Noir 2012. Not the grandest wine in the world, but it was quite lovely and served to illustrate an instructive point. I shall start with my chum Mac’s wine. It was Pinot of […]

Paula’s Bistro – our favourite restaurant in Madeira

The Editor likes squid

I feel pretty confident in describing Paula’s Bistro as The Editor’s and my favourite restaurant on Madeira as we ate there every single day. I feel less confident in describing the breadth of their cooking ability as we only ate a total of three different dishes on our five visits. Two of them were brilliant, […]