Colombier Hermitage 2008

A bit of Broadbenting

I was going to take a bottle of this to a chum’s place in a couple of weeks. Would you believe it? He has the temerity to ask me to bring something else?!? I think that is the first time someone has rejected one of my wines! As vengeance I will take something else, but he will have to identify it blind! That is not a terribly onerous penalty, it is true, even less so when you consider the orgiastic brilliance of what he will be trying to identify; but it is a bit of fun, you know?

In this tasting note I am afraid I will have to do a bit of Broadbenting. This behaviour, named after self-proclaimed brilliant taster Michael Broadbent, is wallowing in your exceptional knowledge about wine and how best to enjoy it whilst sneering ostentatiously about how those around you cannot hope to match up to your levels of wine appreciation. I would never dream of behaving in such a manner… except when absolutely necessary…

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Colombier Crozes-Hermitage Cuvee Gaby 2012

Colombier Crozes Cuvee Gaby 2012

With most Hermitage priced beyond the limits of most people’s wallets more and more people are making serious Crozes-Hermitage to try and fill the ‘affordable but serious wine’-gap. Alain Graillot was one of the first to concentrate his efforts on Crozes-Hermitage alone (he also made a Hermitage but generally refused to let people try it […]



On Cheeses

Earlier this week Branston Pickles released the results of a survey they commissioned to find out, amongst other things, the ten favourite cheeses of the people of Britain. The Telegraph duly obliged and published the press release with little or no comment. Elitistreview naturally have far higher editorial standards than The Telegraph, so I wanted […]




Some of the most popular posts on Elitistreview are those reviewing coffee pods; the review of Dhakan and Kazaar still gets over 2000 views a month despite being two years old. Consequently, I have decided to remove this distraction from Elitistreview and spin the coffee pod reviews into their own site. will now be […]

We are still online – this time with Riesling!

Maximin Grunhauser Abtsberg Riesling Spatlese 2014

We are still toasting the generosity of Russell, Mark, Mac, Darren and Jules for getting us online again – but this time with some bloody proper wine! I must admit, having missed the 2014 en primeur tasting, I am yet to try any 2014 German Riesling, but how can you go wrong with von Schubert […]

We are back – with crap Hermitage

Faurie Hermitage 2011 is shit

Tonight we are drinking to the health of Darren, Jules, but most of all, Russell, Mark and Mac whose kindness has allowed the Lomster websites to get back online. We are going through a bit of a financial black spot and they kindly provided the readies to get us back telling the world about fine […]

A perverted little gathering to indulge our fine wine fetish


Lunch yesterday stretched our fine wine fetishes from distinctly lovely experiences to downright perverted twistedness. Is not that what fine wine collecting and drinking really is? An intense perversion practised by fetishists? That in no way means that it is bad, just that it is perverted. What I am suggesting is that if you are […]

Mordacious moonshine and transcendent tipples


Yesterday we held a little lunch party for our chums Mr Greg (the surgeon with the world’s highest alcohol tolerance) and Peter (the international analyst and war zone hopper). We showed them that brilliant Hampshire food exists at all ends of the spectrum. We started lunch with a scrumptious Jake’s Hampshire hand-cut pork pie with […]

Super Squirrel Vosne


Confuron-Gindre are one of my newer discoveries – and what a discovery they are! I have not had a bad wine from them. Even their Bourgogne Rouge is delicious (when you have it at an email primeur tasting, that is). They make an excellent example of this, one of my favourite Vosne Premier Crus. It […]

Amboniacus – the fizz for amazing cricket


I have just watched the most amazing period of cricket I think I will ever see: Australia being bowled out for 60 before the lunch interval. It was incredible, they were flayed alive! And when one sees such an incredible event it calls for Champagne! I cannot claim to be an expert on Marguet. I […]