Confuron-Ginre Vosne 1er Cru Brulees


Clark Foyster Wines are a small operation; but the tireless work of Lance Foyster and Isabelle Clark has secured them a portfolio that would make any serious wine lover drool uncontrollably. For the last few years they have been exclusive importers of Domaine Confuron-Gindre. By arse, they have scored one of the very best Vosne-Romanee producers for their portfolio. Mercifully, they do not gouge the customer with the prices of this delicious Domaine – they never charge unreasonable amounts for any of the wines they sell.

Confuron-Gindre make red wines across the spectrum, from a libidinously fruity Bourgogne Rouge via three village wines and three Vosne Premier Crus to a beguilingly involute, crazily complex, supremely sapid Echezeaux Grand Cru. Every wine of theirs has made me writhe and groan due to the style, class and god-damned drinkability of them.

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Hoddles Creek Pinot Noir 2015

Yummy Yarra

I wrote this post last week. As I was about to post it the Elitistreview Server went totally tits up. My computer department (The Editor) was too busy earning a living so we could… well… live to fix it until now. Elitistreview is now back on a fresh, clean, brand-spanking, new server so you can […]


Duck larb Manow

Manow – stunning Thai food

A couple of months ago there was some terrible news: the owner of the Bangkok Brasserie and the Bengal Sage, the best Thai and Indian restaurants I had ever eaten at, had run into tax difficulties and was closing his restaurants! This was heartbreaking news; these two restaurants, the Bangkok Brasserie in particular, were two […]


Mail fail

Mail fail

This is just a quick bit of site news. I have just discovered that I have not been getting comments and feedback that should have been emailed to me for an embarrassingly long time. I know I am opinionated but I did not think I was so unpopular that I deserved no feedback at all […]

A nutter for Nuits

de Montille Nuits aux Thorey 2012

I am currently changing antipsychotic medication. This requires tapering down the dose of the evil, rejected antipsychotic and then slowly increasing the dose of the new, fantastic medication. Currently, I am taking the lowest dose of the rejected antipsychotic and have only one more day at this level before starting something more useful. This means […]

Basically brilliant Burgundy

Esmonin 1er Cru Estournelles Saint-Jacques 2012

Freddie Esmonin cannot go on like this forever. People must be leaving bags on dried tannin on his door-step. He must get notes pushed through his letterbox urging him to press, press, until the pips cry for mercy! At harvest time, attempts are made to switch his hutts with ones filled with screamingly ripe grapes. […]

Good Lord! A lovely Zind-Humbrecht wine

Zind-Humbrect Grand Cru Goldert Muscat 2013

Now, let us make one thing abundantly clear, I have loathed Zind-Humbrecht wines with furious intensity since about 2005. At my own urging I purchased piles of 1989, 1990 then 1995 – largely Riesling but I had a little flirt with Pinot Gris as well. Then, at the urging of *spit* Robert Parker, I threw […]

A bloody huge mouthful of Beaune

de Montille Beaune 1er Cru Greves 2009

I feel a bit guilty opening this wine. Lovely, small-scale Beaune Premier Crus that, with their abundant fruit and easy charm, seem like they will drink best as soon as you get the case from your wine merchant. This is simply not true – well, it is slightly true in that they are delicious young […]

Croque Madame Dani


This is a guest post by The Editor I woke up early as a blues singer this morning, with no intention to do anything special today. Reading the news provoked the usual despairing of humanity, until I saw the following tweet via Reeve the Baker. We thought eggy bread couldn't get any better but @DanDoherty_ […]

Utterly lovely minimalism

Frederic Esmonin Lavaux Saint-Jacques 2009

Gevrey-Chambertin is the home of the most modern, international-styled Burgundies. Dark colours, big, bold tannins, high alcohol levels, usually a lot of new oak too. If you like your Burgundy to taste like some Californian woody syrup, you could do worse than buy yourself a Gevery-Chambertin. Not from Frederic Esmonin, though! He is one of […]