Quickie: lomstercode: To celebrate Davy’s birthday, I am roasting this…


To celebrate Davy’s birthday, I am roasting this large rolled shoulder of pork (Oxford Sandy and Black, from Beechcroft Direct, of course).

Let me complete this post. Rachel Waldron of Beechcroft Direct prepared this magnificent rolled shoulder of Oxford Sandy and Black pork for my little 40th birthday celebration of a small dinner party on the actual day. I am hugely thankful to Rachel for preparing what looks like the best piece of meat ever to have existed, to our dinner guest who will eat this and be transported to new realms of piggy heaven (she comes from the wrong bit of Hampshire) but most of all to Dani for buying the scrummy-deliciousness that we will scoff with great gusto.

To match such meat I will push myself to the limits when it comes to making the starter (confit duck and sossis salad, the sossis are good) and I will aim for perfection in judging the baked potato/butter/cream ratio when it comes to making mash. We will dine well tonight.

Which reminds me, if you do not think that piece of pork looks drool-inducingly good you are clearly diseased and I order you to stop polluting my site now with your weird ideas and crackpot food theories.

The big celebration is tomorrow when a total of 22 of us will take over a restaurant accompanied by (well, they are already there) 14 magnums and 4 jeroboams of quite ‘disgusting prole’-slappingly amazing quality wine. I must be careful as my tolerance is non-existent since leaving London, but there are enough solid London people there to soak up the booze. If there’s an excess we can always grab a few tasty looking people from the downstairs bar and ask if they want to drink from the cup of utter bliss.

Time to cook. Happy 40th birthday to me (but only on the understanding that I’m still 3).

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