Some techie stuff about subscribing to Elitistreview

Much as it pain me to bore you all, dear readers, with boring technical stuff, I’m afraid I’m going to have to enlighten you about a few things if you are to keep mirthfully perusing my august organ. Some of my RSS subscribers will need to re-subscribe, as will some email subscribers, but to soften the blow I offer a new way of reading Elitistreview for those of you who are at the thrusting end of technology.

First, let me deal with RSS feeds. Approximately 230 of you subscribe to Elitistreview using Google’s Feedburner service. As if Google’s wont, they tend to retire services that people are using, so in the near future Feedburner services will go tits up. In order to keep tickling your fancy with my periodical you need to be prepared!

In whatever system you use for subscribing to RSS feeds you should go and see what address you have for the Elitistreview feed. If it contains the word feedburner , you need to change that address to one that will work long into the distant future. The address you should use for subscribing to general Elitistreview posts is . If you want to just subscribe to wine posts the address to use is  and for food posts enter this address Using those new subscription addresses will enable you to keep reading Elitistreview for as long as we still use such quaint and old-fashioned things as RSS readers.

On that note I should add, in case you are yet to hear, if your RSS subscription service of choice is Google Reader, it won’t be in a couple of months time. Google are ditching that service too. There is much debate about what services will jump in to fill the gap, but such discussion is beyond the scope of this blog post.

Next up, email subscriptions. About 150 of you are subscribed using Feedburner’s servce, which as I state above is soon about to cark it. What I suggest you do is when your next blog post arrives, it could be this one, if the email is plastered with Google and Feedburner branding then follow the link in the email to unsubscribe. That’ll get you off the Feedburner list so you don’t have two copies of my thrilling missives filling your inbox in the few weeks before Google points the finger of death at Feedburner. To re-subscribe to a more relaxed, reliable and long-lived email service go to the bottom of any Elitistreview page and fill your emails address in the Email subscriptions box. You’ll get sent an email asking if you’re sure you want to subscribe; of course you are! Then it’ll all work tickety-boo.

Finally there is the mega-hot-tech method of subscribing to Elitistreview, illustrated by the picture below:

Elitistreview Currents view

Google have released a new curated news service for iOS and Android mobile devices call Google Currents. You can download the app from Google Play or the iTunes Store and once it’s installed on your fashionable electronic gadget you can search in Google Currents for ‘Elitistreview’ and lo and behold my instrument of hilarity will appear in your Currents’ Lifestyle tab. Having been testing this for the past few days I can assure you it is an excellent way of reading Elitistreview… until Google decide to ax the service several years down the line, of course.

That should help those of you who would otherwise be cut off have your attachment remain, and I do think Google Currents is worth a look. once 200 people subscribe to it you won’t even have to search or it, it’ll appear in the list of top services. Thank you, and good morning!