Please help Elitistreview stay online

My last post questioned the continued existence of Elitistreview. Truth is, I would like to keep writing, but I have a major problem and you, my dear, highly-valued readers, may be able to help solve.

I have carpal tunnel syndrome in my wrist and hand. It is excruciatingly painful, and gets worse if I use the hand. Yes, I can type one-handed – that is slow, frustrating and makes my other hand hurt; I can use speech to text on my computer – that has major problems understanding my Oxbridge drawl and I still have to use the keyboard to fix the endless mistakes and to sculpt my sentences.

So typing is very hard. I am waiting to be put on the waiting list for surgery to fix my hand. That waiting list is over six months long. If I am honest, six months of being in this degree of pain makes me think I might do something terminally unfortunate to myself, which would move me far behind the back of of the surgery waiting list!!

Consequently, my lovely friend Max suggested I ask on here and on Facebook too seek donations to get my hand operated on privately. So far I’ve only got one quote for surgery in one of the local private hospitals. That is £1,750 (~US$2,270). I am seeking other quotes and should I get a lower one I will update this cost in a comment.

So will you, my wonderful readers, pledge some money to get my hand fixed and so enable the continued existence of ER? I told Max that I do not think people care enough about me or Elitistreview to invest this much money in removing me from crippling pain and keep my organ online, but he thought it was worth a shot.

So, if you wish to pledge some money to fix my hand then contact me by email at, or leave a comment if you wish to flash your cash to the whole world. I would need all donations to be paid to me before I could book the surgery as they usually want payment in advance. If someone pledged money and then did not cough up the surgery could not proceed as, because I rely on government handouts, I have no money of my own to cover shortfalls.

The faster I get money the more speedily I will get operated on and the faster I will be back on the keyboard. I would be eternally grateful if I could escape the six month waiting list to remove me from terrible pain. So I open this request to you all, I hope you will be in touch!

Donate here!

Current total to be raised: £1704

Donations received/promised:

 Donor Paid Promised Notes
GT 10% Thank you, G, you are a kind fellow. I hope your foot recovers!
 TH Unknown The kind Mr H, a wonderful winemaker, will be running a charity auction on at the end of January to raise cash for my hand job. He says the results are a crap shoot – that sounds a lot funnier in UK English than in (I would guess) US English.
KP £100 £100 Mr P, you wonderful fellow, this is so kind of you!
MO £100 What a nice chap you are, M!
JK £100 First in, J, so generous!
AL £50 + ?  You lovely fellow, A! I hope you rrealise the incredible value of Elitistreview articles if you want syndicated content;)
JR £50 Mr R, my hand will thank you forever!
PJ £38.52 Mr J, you still have an open invitation to Elitistreview Towers!
JH £39.62 Such kindness, J, may your bottles never be corked!