Happy New Year 2008

Just a quick post to say many thanks to the 6516 unique visitors I have had to this site last year (not including non-viewed traffic), This is up from 3678 unique visitors in 2006. These 6516 visitors have made 18207 visits to my site and I have served up 74279 pages last year. I am touched that so many people have dropped by this spume of drivel and many of you keep coming back repeatedly. That being said, only 56 people have clicked on my advertising links; since they only pay out when one has earned $100, Google are yet to pay me anything. I may be an underground hit, but not with people who need wine tours, want to buy cheap wine, think they are drinking too much, or whatever Google chooses to advertise next.

Many thanks for stomaching my bonkers-ness and visiting so often. Happy New Year, one and all!