Cooking with truffles part 2 – truffled roast chicken

Right, this is serious cooking with the truffle. Buy the best chicken you can find, weighing about 2kg. Make sure it is up to room temperature before you start preparing and cooking it.

Make some slits in the skin and slip in some lumps of unsalted butter. Then cut your truffle in half and shove half under each side of the skin. It’ll look something like this:

[image image_id=”2509″]

Heat your oven up to 230 Celsius and cook the chicken for 15 minutes. Then turn the heat down to 190 Celsius and cook for 45 minutes, basting every fifteen minutes. Finally, turn the oven off and half open the door and leave the chicken inside to rest for 30 minutes. It’ll then look like this:

[image image_id=”2508″]

Now doesn’t that look quite, quite wonderful? You can carve it and serve with whatever you fancy; Daniel prepared some German potato salad. If you like, and we do like, you can slice up the truffles and put them on the chicken. Our platefuls looked like this:

[image image_id=”2235″]

You want to drink some [link2post id=”723″]serious white Burgundy[/link2post] with such a decadent meal.

Many thanks to Mark Locke for the truffle. We really enjoyed it.