If you like the recipe steal it!

Friday’s lovely meal at [link2post id=”1195″]Addie’s Thai Café [/link2post]gave us a recipe to steal:

goong cha nam pla

or raw prawn salad. For this you will need:

24 large raw prawns
A bulb of fresh garlic finely chopped
8 bird’s eye chillies de-seeded and finely chopped
A bunch of coriander chopped
The juice of three limes
Two teaspoons of nam pla (Thai fish sauce)

Shell and butterfly the prawns. Whilst you are doing this mix all the other ingredients together and allow them to infuse. Arrange the prawns artfully on a plate and spoon the ‘salad’ onto them. It’ll look like this:

Raw prawn salad

Obviously, you’ll need fresh, high quality prawns, but when would you buy anything else? I suppose it would be fair to point out that this dish is extremely hot.