Baked potato mash

This is how pros make top mashed potato, and I am a freaking pro, alright.

So, get 2 big Maris Piper potatoes per person and prick them all over with a fork. Bake them at 180 Celsius for 90 minutes. Then slice them open, scoop out the middle into a pan, put the pan over the lowest heat you can manage and get mashing; this won’t take long. Add about about 25g of unsalted butter per person and mash like crazy. Add a splash of double cream and mash it in, then serve them. Tell your diners they’ll need to add pepper to taste. Delicious.

My [link2post id=”1469″]mash with boiled potatoes[/link2post] is nigh unbeatable. To be specific, it can only be beaten by this mash.