The celebration continues

What is a celebration without excess? The road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom, after all. A bottle of wine each seems easy going on such a happy night.

Sancerre Rouge Belle Dame 2002, Domaine Vacheron

This was a bit closed and responded very well to a vigorous shake in the decanter. After we’d coaxed it to open up a bit more this revealed very nice pure red fruit on the nose. It also had a bit of smokey, flinty Sancerre character; it is all in the terroir clearly. It tasted quite acidic, but had very good fruit and some real complexity. There was a bit of grassy-ness to the acidity that seemed quite reminiscent of white Sancerre. This seems like a good Côte de Beaune village wine and the price was not wrong for that level of quality. I think I will keep my remaining bottle for five to ten years just to see what happens; I think I’ll be rewarded for my patience.