The last wine of Valentine’s day

Sadly, not as good as the last two. It is a half bottle, though; we won’t have to suffer too much. Yves’ brother, Pierre Soulez, makes utterly brilliant Savennières The name is really rather cumbersome.

Coteaux du Layon Saint-Aubin Selection des Grains Nobles les Simonnelles 1997, Château de la Genaiserie/Yves Soulez

This has a golden hue, not too orange at all. The nose is incredibly botrytic, with wet wool hints and a degree of minerality. Botrytis is the main feature here, though. The palate is very sweet, quite silky and reasonably elegant, but just lacking a touch of excitement and verve. It is not as if it is short of acidity, it is just short of passion and flair. This is reasonably good, but the [link2post id=”1299″]Château de Fesles 1997[/link2post] we had at Christmas was a lot better.