More sedate this time

After the wild craziness of the [link2post id=”1560″]2002[/link2post], I decided to try a less ripe vintage. I am drinking it at room temperature this time, but it would be fine with a light chill.

Savennières L’Enclos 2001, Eric Morgat

A rich, golden colour. The nose bursts with life: exotic fruits, minerals and a bit of alcohol. Although this is a powerful nose, it is less heavy and ponderous than the 2002. It smells really complex and stylish. The palate is quite full-bodied, with a lot of fruit and minerality. It has very good length with fruit and mineral-flavours persisting. The acidity is not high but it works as a perfect foil for the richness. This is a lot cleaner and more fun than most Savennières, it is also really good. This would be a perfect drink with rich fish dishes. I do not see much point in keeping it any longer, it is a great drink now. Whereas the 2002 was good but a bit hard work, this is simply a really good Savennières. I shall greatly enjoy my glass with lunch.

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