Damp but rich

This bottle was an impulse purchase; I like Chenin Blanc and it hangs around forever.

Vouvray le Haut-Lieu Demi-Sec 1985, S.A. Huët

The nose smells of old Chenin Blanc, damp and woolly with not much fruit. It also smells quite rich and earthy. I can see how the nose would not appeal to someone who likes ripe, fruit-bomb Australian wines, but I rather like it. The palate is light and has loads of damp, rotting wood flavours, no real fruit to speak of. It has some concentration, though. There is good acidity and minerality on the finish, which is quite long. I think this might be a tiny bit too old, but I find it oddly pleasing. Not a wine for everyone, I admit, but it is a valid, and good, expression of its type.