Elitist Review is growing

I suppose I just have too much time on my hands, but after a very polite and charming email asking if Elitist Review was a family of sites I decided to make it just so. New additions are elitistreview.com (for all good things foodie I encounter) and elitistreview.com (which will cover non-wine drinks). When writing for these I will continue to stick to the tenet that nice things are nicer than nasty things, so even if I am writing up a home-mixed cocktail that turns out to be awful it will be classified as ‘sub-interest’.

As I write elitistreview.com is empty, but when I encounter a note-worthy meal it will be written up. I am very pleased to report I will be co-blogging about food with my witty, charming and articulate partner Daniel Lindholm; I am sure he will be a civilising influence to hold back my excesses.

If you wonder what I drink when no fine wine is available, elitistreview.com has a first entry.

I hope you enjoy my new sites. Thanks for dropping by.