Elitistreview is ad free

Good afternoon!

This is just a quick note to say I have removed all ads from the eloquent, elegant Elitistreview. I hate them, and I am not often a hypocrite, so it is a bit off for me to expect other people to put up with them.

I should say I have limited PHP analysis skills so some ads may have escaped me. If you happen to find an ad lurking somewhere them, take a screenshot and email it to me along with a link to the page you found it on.

Obviously, this is going to cost me some money, so I gently draw your attention to the single remaining ad in the top right corner – the ad for contributing to Elitistreview! Someone, one delightful day, will click on it and do that PayPal thing, thus enabling me to buy some more wine to review! Or pay off my hosting fees…

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