Some of the most popular posts on Elitistreview are those reviewing coffee pods; the review of Dhakan and Kazaar still gets over 2000 views a month despite being two years old. Consequently, I have decided to remove this distraction from Elitistreview and spin the coffee pod reviews into their own site. will now be the home of my coffee pod reviews and I intend to post one review per week – until I run out of coffee!

One difference between Elitistreview and Caffeine-Fix is that I will score the coffee pods on Caffeine-Fix, whereas no scores will ever appear on Elitistreview. This is purely a commercial decision.

I have put all of Elitistreview’s old coffee reviews on Caffeine-Fix and right about now my first new review will be appearing of the excellent Sumatra Gayo Mountain. So head over there now to get your first taste of Caffeine-Fix.

Sumatra Gayo Mountain Box

One further note. Elitistreview is now part of Lomster Media (as is Caffeine-Fix). This will have no impact on the running of the site, but if you like the efforts of The Editor, he is available for hire in a freelance capacity.