Happy birthday Elitistreview

Elitistreview is five years old today, hooray! Five years of opinion, rants and general lunacy. There have been some difficult times, very difficult times, but one hell of a lot of hilarious larks and screamingly laugh-tastic benders. I hope those who have followed me on this roller-coaster ride of wildly fluctuating sanity and general informed alcoholism, with my various trips to restaurants, loony bins and winemakers, have found something to entertain themselves with reasonable regularly. I think entertainment is terribly important, don’t you?

Elitistreview has improved greatly since I started five years ago: I cover more topics, post far more pictures and, with the recent re-vivification, the design is so much better. Oh good, this means I can add another year to my ‘Historical larks’ sidebar widget.

Today I celebrate [link2post id=”1632″]as I began[/link2post] with a bottle of fine Burgundy:

[image image_id=”3675″ size=”medium” align=”left”]

Volnay Premier Cru Champans 2006, Domaine Marquis d’Angerville

2006s Burgundies are supposedly tight and closed at the moment but this has an open and giving nose of highly agreeable fruit. The fruit is very ripe, but I love its silky refinement which works in harmony with its polished earthiness to result in a complex nose that oozes with manifest class. I’m a tad surprised by how overtly enjoyable this smells at the moment, 2006s are just not supposed to be this much fun. The palate is also quite a lot of fun. I’m finding its fruit delicious and ripe but it does have an impeccable delicacy which charms me no end. Its tannic structure is terribly silky and svelte with acid levels that are immaculately well balanced. The minerality is tantalizingly engaging and the finish titilatingly long with gratifying complexity. I’m finding the overall impression that this wine delivers is one of clear intellectual interest but with enough in the way of hedonistic delight to satisfy the lover of visceral pleasures. Drinking unexpectedly well today but I think it will continue to improve for many years to come. Top bunny!

May there be many similarly jolly wine experiences over the next five years.