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Escarpment Vineyard Pinot Noir 2009

Fine New Zealand Pinot Noir

Fine New Zealand Pinot Noir is often more boozy than Burgundy but with a similar tannin and acidity profile. Escarpment 2009, made by the brilliant Larry McKenna, provides a really fun and highly enjoyable example of the style. I must admit to leaning a bit in favour of Larry’s wines. He came to Oxford when […]

Pinot Noir 'Rachel' 2008, Seresin is merely drinkable yet over-priced

The staggeringly lacklustre and pitifully acceptable

Sometimes you fancy something different, happens to us all, and so you shop outside your normal parameters. Of course, this is a path fraught with danger and the peril of heinous suffering. We all do it anyway. The Albarino was the only white wine, beyond Sherry, I have found I could reliably manage to tolerate […]


Vapid-personality Riesling

I’ll come clean, when I find that a Riesling has low alcohol and is bottled with a bit of residual sugar I am a real sucker for it. I buy a bottle enthusiastically and hope it’ll deliver even a small fraction of the thrilling, nervy tension of wines made in the home of this style, […]

Pinot Noir 2008, Delta

A white and a red Pinot

I popped these on Saturday for the neighbours to enjoy and I have finally got around to typing my notes up. The Boxler was terribly good. Pinot Gris Grand Cru Brand 2007, Domaine Albert Boxler This has a rich, powerful nose of opulent white fruit which hints of being quite roasted. It certainly shows a […]

A cheeky little number which has proper class

This was a gift from a very generous friend (if you are in town, lunch again? I’m feeling a lot better), I was extremely pleased to notice its alcohol level was a de Montille-esque 12.5%. node, an older boy, told me to drink it sir. It is serious Pinot. Pinot Noir Waitaki Valley, North Otago […]

The horror, the horror

OK, I admit that very few Sauvignon Blancs do it for me, but this is horrible beyond my powers of description. I’ll give being rude a go, though. Sauvignon Blanc “Selection 94” 2006, Dog Point Vineyard The nose is completely confected and contrived, clearly made from over-ripe fruit that has been cold-fermented. It is not […]

Happy birthday Dan

Last night we celebrated the birthday of one of our neighbours; such lovely people. Vintage Champagne 1998, Pol Roger The nose has a lot of fruit, redcurrants and raspberries. There is also a good rich, doughy character. It smells reasonably complex. The palate is quite linear, with powerful acidity and lemon fruit. Oddly, the nose […]

A pleasant surprise

The first New Zealand wine to be reported on in this spume of drivel. I just purchased it because I thought it would be vaguely interesting; it is actually quite nice. One of the neighbours I am drinking this with is from New Zealand, so he appreciates that I’ve got a native wine for him. […]