Time to Talk Day

Today, 6 February, is Time to Talk about mental health day. For reasons that I assure you are well-meaning and inspired by wholesome motives, I have decided to take part. As regular readers will know, I suffer from paranoid schizophrenia. I have quite broad experience of what this illness can do to one as well as a passable academic knowledge of it. I welcome questions on this subject.

Moreover, over the years a succession of lazy, poorly informed or generally hapless psychiatrists have given me a range of diagnoses, ranging across treatment-resistant depression, schizo-affective disorder, schizotypal personality disorder, borderline personality disorder, emotionally unstable personality disorder and many more. I have diligently looked these up once the label has been attached (largely, I must admit, to tell the psychiatrists why they are wrong) so I hope I am not wrong in saying I have a slightly broad knowledge of, largely psychotic and depressive, mental health disorders I can attempt to answer questions on. I may be woefully out of date or generally poorly informed, but we are told the important thing is to have a dialogue about mental health. And whilst talking goes on I can look up answers to difficult questions in the background. However, talking is the thing, the idea being to engage people on the subject of mental health. I shall try to do this as best as I can.

Time to talk about mental health dayIf you wish to join me in taking part in Time to talk day you can leave a question or comment below in the comments section, my phone will alert me as soon as you do. Alternatively, you can contact me via my Facebook, Google+ or Twitter profiles and once again I will get notified as soon as someone sends me a message. I believe in order to spread the word ideally one will use the #TimeToTalk hashtag in one’s communications as this is, after all, Time to Talk Day.

If you wish for a private conversation my Skype name is doctorpinot and I’m on Google Chat/Hangouts as david@elitistreview.me.

I shall try to be available for as much of the day as possible, made all the easier by the fact that I am sleeping badly at the moment and am likely to be up at 4a.m., but I should point out to any US night-owl readers that I’m usually in bed by 11p.m. GMT so if you wish to talk after that answers may not follow until you have gone to bed!

I think it is an excellent thing to be informed about the world we live in and the different challenges people face in carving their niche within it. Consequently, I think mental health is an admirable subject for me to be expounding upon, given my acquaintance with the subject, and so I am most happy to take part in Time to Talk Day, despite me being deeply uninformed about the message the charity organising it wants me to push. Speak soon!

  • Tom Blach

    Well done for sticking your head above the parapet, David. I suppose one of the problems with the psychiatric profession is that they generally haven’t actually experienced what you go through on a regular basis. Perhaps you should join their ranks?

  • An interesting idea, Tom, but I think I would empathise too much with my clients and end up inviting them all to live at Elitistreview Towers in some kind of lunacy commune where I desperately try and solve everyone’s problems until I totally lost my marbles.

    It is testament to the unpopularity of Elitistreview since I have been writing less (I have good excuses, really, honestly, true ones!) that no one wanted to speak to me about mental illness yesterday. About 18 months ago I had had over 100,000 unique visitors in the preceding year, I’ve lost 40,000 of them since then. It is nice that I have some regular readers who I don’t think will desert me unless I start writing really weird stuff, Tom. Thank you. And the other 60,000 too.