Need to reduce? Try eating less

[image image_id=”2475″] Last night we went to [link2post id=”809″]Hawksmoor[/link2post] (clearly [link2post id=”769″]London’s best meat restaurant); the food was, as ever, amazing. I was very pleased to see they have added roasted bone marrow to their menu as a side dish, it was super-scrummy. It the pictures our hosts took come out alright I’ll post them here with some pithy comments.

Some of my dear and much appreciated readers may recall that I am trying to shed some fat from my somewhat corpulent frame. You may not think that eating massive steaks is going to assist in the ‘becoming thin’-game. You’d be totally right; if I did eat like that every day I’d be such an impressively massive lard-arse that I’d be at risk of undergoing gravitational collapse and becoming a blackhole.

Withings Wifi-enabled bathroom scales However, I have been skipping lunch most days and when we feel we can manage it then there is no dinner either. If there is very good food on offer, such as Hawksmoor’s abso-tmesis-lutely brilliant slabs of meat action, I will immerse myself in the experience and enjoy it. But if the choice is between inferior food or no food I have the strength to fight off the hunger and go for the lower calorie action. We still eat reasonably healthy things (my breakfast this morning was an orange), but eating less is clearly the most successful way of losing the lard. Has it worked? Since the end of November until up to about ten minutes ago I’ve lost 12.3kg, and I feel this merits the ejaculation, “RESULT!” followed by the slightly smug comment, “I have done well.” Our super groovy Wifi enabled scales beam my mass and percentage of body fat to a webserver which presents this data as graphs on a website; makes it very easy to track that reducing progress.

This weight loss has resulted in me now moving from the ‘obese’ category to being merely overweight. Certainly I recognise I am still on the porky side, but these categories based on Body Mass Indices should be viewed with suspicion. Some of the problems with using BMI to spot trends and draw conclusions from them are dealt with in this excellent piece from The Register. The ‘downright weird of thinking’ fellows they report on, who say we should be short as being tall wastes energy, are dismissed with ease and humour.

12.3kg, yeah! Well done me, indeed. Just seeing the line on the graph drop as my weight gets metabolised is a great incentive to keep going. I’m clearly bloody-minded enough to hold back on food when necessary: the will-power kid! As well as being irritatingly pleased with myself about this weight loss I am also terribly proud of the partner losing even more. Well done us!

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