Happy third birthday to me!

Today is my third birthday and, after a month of having major mental health issues, I am determined to have a good time. Later today I will be going to The Bangkok Brasserie, Winchester’s excellent Thai restaurant, for a celebratory bash. I’ve asked the right questions (“I like the food how Thai people like it” and “We’ll have whatever the chef thinks is best”) so we are assured an excellent and sweaty time. But the day has started well.

WP_20121122 4I’m just about to pop a Maximin Grunhauser Abtsberg Spatlese 2011, which is one of the very best 2011 Spatlesen I’ve tried. And it’s sweet, sharp and fruity so should appeal to a three year old’s palate. Moreover, I’ve been given a pile more gifts in addition to those I’ve already told you about. I’ll show you some pictures.

My brother sent me this incredibly tasteful orange paisley tie which I am modelling whilst demonstrating the water-bomb catapult I was sent by a mystery admirer.

WP_20121122 3

Then I got loads of ‘toy of the moment’ Gelli Baff; some from The Editor and some from Paul M. Thanks chaps!

WP_20121122 2

The Editor is a bit too enthusiastic at times and got a toy marked 14+ years; I’m three! But I’ve still played with it and sent it careering around the flat terrifying the cat. It’s a remote-controlled helicopter


Finally there are my favourite toys, again gifts from The Editor. A soft toy Flounder, who I have called ‘Flat’ and I will put him on my pillow and sleep on him every night, and a toy Scallop called ‘Nip’.

WP_20121122 1

And that’s it for birthday-related news, tune in next time for eccentric tasting notes and baroque recipes!