News about Davy’s back

I’d like to start this little piece of news by thanking everyone who donated to the fundraiser to get my back operated on. The Editor has had to borrow a truly eye-watering amount from a generous benefactor (to whom we cannot express enough gratitude) to reach the full amount, but all your help has been invaluable. Thank you all.

Now, the news. I will have electrodes implanted into my spine on Saturday 3rd February. Wehay! I’ll be walking around with am external battery pack and computer for approximately two weeks to see if the Spinal Cord Stimulation delivers significant results. If it does, I’ll be rewired to have the electrodes connected to a computer and rechargeable battery that’ll probably be inserted into my buttock. I’ll be able to “Set arse to stun!”.

I’ll then have a period where I have to take it a bit easy, no bending or carrying anything heavy, whilst the electrodes get set in place and then I should be free to get on with life, albeit with a minimum of bending and that sort of thing.

This is all good news! The Editor and I are very positive about the future – our lives should be transformed. Thank you again to everyone who donated, massive thanks to our kind donor who is lending us money, and I would like to express limitless thanks to The Editor for tolerating over six years of me being incredibly disabled by ludicrously severe pain and for ultimately paying for the majority of the operation that’ll make life so much better for us both.