Davy’s back

Good evening!

I warned you about this in my last post. In the last few years, the infrequency of posts on the excellent, exquisite Elitistreview is due to a problem in my back. I am raising funds to have it fixed. It is quite an expensive job! If you click on the widget below (or read what is at the end of the post I link to above), you can read the story of what needs doing.

All donations, of any size, are extremely gratefully received; fixing my back is a vitally important priority for The Editor and me. Please help if you can, even if it is simply by sharing a link to this page with a note about the importance of donating.

This is an urgent requirement to stop me getting damaged or killed, improving The Editor’s and my quality of life, saving me from unspeakable pain and, most importantly, rejuvenating Elitistreview!

Click on the widget below or scan the QR code to donate.

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