Elitistreview is for sale!

Elitistreview is quite popular: I’ve had 97,691 visitors in the past year and they come back, on average, a little over three times each and look at two and one half pages per visit. I also think it’s quite good for a site about rare wines and obscure food experiences, and the readership numbers would seem to back that up. As I’m barking mad it is the only occupation I can really manage. Sadly it’s an occupation that keeps me in penury.

advertisingI get some donations from generous readers, but most of my income comes from Google Ads. They are utter crap! Not only are they generally lacking relevance to a fine wine and food site but also, thanks to everyone using ad-blockers and content-filters, I only serve up about one-fifth of the number of ads as I do pages. That’s never going to be an earner and I need money in order to stop having to sell all my wine to survive. Consequently, I would like to know if anyone out there in internet-land would like to sponsor Elitistreview.

I’m happy to put ads for more-or-less anything in the spots occupied by the current Google ads. Because they won’t have Google URLs they’ll get displayed all the time and, if they are relevant, I imagine my readers will be only too happy to click on adverts for items that service their pleasures.

I’m happy to discuss details and terms if anyone is interested. Contact me via the Contact page and we can see if we can satisfy each other’s needs. I really, really look forward to hearing from you!