Maybe it is time to say goodbye…

This is largely the text of a comment I put on the accursed Facebook. I have slapped rouge and lipstick on the relevant parts of it and I am posting it here to if anyone is really bothered.

I often feel like wiping Elitistreview off the web. Apart from the generosity of a very, very small handful of people, writing it is a thankless task.

I think I generally do a passable job of it, sometimes a very good job. However, when one is madder than a jam jar filled with scorpions, it is bloody hard to write 1,000-odd words coherently, hopefully conveying useful information and attempting to spice up novel, gratuitously biological jokes.

Moreover, due to my fibromyalgia I feel completely shattered and in severe pain for several days after I’ve written an article. This is really traumatic.

Most of the feedback I get is in the form of emails asking why I did not report on X, have I tasted X and what did I think of it and can I tell this person where they can buy a bottle of X (usually with a laughably stingy maximum price the correspondent is willing to pay). Emails of this type are not terribly rewarding to receive.

I often give some fabulous tips on great wines to buy – I know people buy cases of them with big grins slapped across their faces. I am usually only able to afford the one bottle I report upon.

I try to take gratification from the fact that I manage to write anything at all. However, when the immediate effect of writing an article is days of feeling utterly spent, my body charged with seething, fulminating pain and my mind charged with existential trauma it is very hard to feel I have been positively rewarded for my considerable efforts.

Moreover, the knowledge that I am going to experience such torture is not good. I know I do not enjoy wine, as I otherwise might, when I know I am going to write the bottle up – it is going to make me suffer.

It might be best to remove the site so I feel no obligation to write anything and do not suffer the punishment I experience when I do write things. It has been online since 2005, maybe it can bow out to almost inaudible applause 15 years later.