Quickie: Craft beer in a can

This quickie is to celebrate the birthday of my friend Peter. He appreciates quality beer, particularly of the IPA variety, so this beer would really appeal to him.

The excellent chain  J D Wetherspoon have just started selling real ale in a can from the United States brewery Sixpoint. The cans are coated with a water-based polymer so no metallic taste gets into the beer and, unlike some lesser establishments where they expect you to swill from a can, Wetherspoon always provide glasses with these beers. The Editor and I tried the coruscating IPA-style Sixpoint Bengali Tiger.

Sixpoint craft beers in a can

Sixpoint Bengali Tiger is 6.4%, rich in flavour and powerful of body. It is, in the words of Brewdog, hopped to shit, so it combines fresh floral flavours with stunning bitterness. It has good acidity too. It is very fresh having been perfectly stored in an inert vessel so all those lively, exciting IPA-type flavours burst with livid excitement when you drink it. It’s quite, quite brilliant and I wish Peter were here to come down to ‘Spoons with us to have some of this top class beer – he would have a great time!

Sixpoint Bengali TigerThe US currently lead the world in IPA-style beer, as in so many things (one can only hope they will when it comes to the current ‘Berlin Airlift’-moment in the Ukraine), and this is one of the most obscenely fantastic ones I have tried. Go and buy now!

I should mention that J D Wetherspoon’s are offering these on a two for £5 deal so there is absolutely no point going to work; you should aim to be as drunk and incoherent as a Russian, and be drooling over the brilliant Wetherspoon’s menu by mid-day. You cannot lose!

Happy birthday, Peter!