Live blogging from The Union in Greenwich

I’m at The Union, the tap boozer of the quite wonderful Meantime Brewery. I’m meeting that top geezer Peter ‘The Kid’ Palmer for a few academic halves* and I shall report on them thanks to the brilliance of my mobile phone, a bluetooth keyboard and The Union’s free WiFi.

Meantime Raspberry Grand Cru, 6.5%

The colour is a slightly un-nerving shade of dark pink. It has a powerfully fruity nose which is quite the charmer. Now that is a refreshing, lovely palate: lots of fruit an a good streak of acidity running right through it. Yum, this will do very well to start the afternoon. Complex and accessible, with a pleasing booze-quotient; yeah!

*An academic half is half a quart (ie. a pint, for those who don’t know obscure old units).

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