My latest quickie: Latest quickie. The wine we had for dinner at midnight last…

Blondie by Wooing Tree

Steaks cooking

Steaks a bit more cooked

Gorgeous beef

Ready to whip off the grill

Sreak macaroni and cheese, and Wooing Tree Blondie

Latest quickie. The wine we had for dinner at midnight last night was rather unusual: a white (well it had hints of pink) wine made from Pinot Noir, from central Otago. Regular readers will be wondering what the hell I was doing drinking something like that. Well I tried it with the winemaker a few weeks back and I thought it so nice I got some. It’s calledBlondie from Wooing Tree, cost about £25 and is worth every penny of that..

Intelligently made with good acidity, a wonderful ‘flat-Champagne’ character and, would you believe it, minerality! It had a hint of astriengency, complex fruit that both was and wasn’t like Pinot at the same time and it was very well structured for enjoyable drinking that you can decide to be impressed with from time to time. Interesting in the most positive way possible. I’m pleased we’ve got a bottle of his Pinot Noir (red), as that was freaking tits when we tried it with him. Here can buy it here.

Dinner is something regular readers may be familiar with: Woodlands Jersey Beef ribeye steaks. As usual they were very small and too thinly cut, but they tasted gorgeously complex and deliciously wonderful. Woodlands Jersey Beef still grow the best beef I’ve ever had and I love it every time I get to eat some. You can relax now, that’s less weird than me liking New Zealand white Pinot Noir.