Rip-roaring Riesling

Sorry there haven’t been many posts recently. I’ve just started psychotherapy and this has caused much introspection. Not lubricated with wine, strangely. So it’s nice to pop something and it’s particularly spiffing that the bottle is so totally spiffing. We’re drinking it with Hampwiches.

This was one of the wines I loved most at Howard Ripley’s 2011 German Riesling tasting, it was so clean, fresh and bursting with life. I managed to score two bottles from The Wine Society and if you see any anywhere at any even slightly unreasonable price then you should leap at the chance to get some. It’s so wonderfully drinkable.

Eitelsbacher Karthauserhofberg Spatlese 2011

Riesling Spatlese Eitelsbacher Karthauserhofberg 2011, Karthauserhof

This nose explodes with excitement! There’s so much fruit, minerality and exuberant life here. The fruit is a mixture of fresh Cox apple and limes, it’s really slate-y and, yes, it’s a bit sulphury too. But I don’t give two hoots about that when this wine is bursting with so much fun value! It’s not all that sweet but very fruity with a good slap-in-face of acidity. Very clean with no hint of botrytis. It’s fresh vivacity makes my mouth water as I want to drink more and more of it. Yeah, not the world’s most deeply complex wine, but it’s full of flavour and throbbing with fun! Hooray! Don’t bother ageing this, drink it over the next year with mirth and massive smiles; you won’t have had as much (clean) fun in ages.