Lovely limey life

That acidity may hurt, but it shows that you are alive. Alive and enlightened if you are drinking this. When I was a beginner in the field of German wine, a long time ago, it was generally considered that Himmelreich was the best vineyard in Graach, thanks to Schaefer that view has now changed.

Riesling Kabinett Graacher Domprobst 2007, Willi Schaefer

The nose has stunning clarity of expression. It is ripe and concentrated but very pure with pronounced lime fruit and a great slatey mineral character. This is special in the best way possible. The palate has tooth-achingly strong acidity, but it is in great harmony with the fruit and slight residual sugar. It is long with a good mineral complexity on the finish. This is a very wonderful, intense, livid and exciting bottle of Kabinett.