A song about wine

In view of the slightly unhappy post that has been at the top of this page for the past few days I present something a bit lighter: a song.

Of course, I apologise profusely to Mr Rodgers and Mr Hammerstein for shamelessly ripping off their jolly song and corrupting it with a booze-theme, but it seems funny to me. So allow me to present: My favourite wines.

Sherry for luncheon followed by Riesling
Knocking back Bandol until I am wheezing
Fresh, young Sancerre before it declines
These are a few of my favourite wines

Morey from Dujac all fruity and floral
Giving me pleasures both nasal and oral
Drinking smart fizz when I’m dressed to the nines
These are a few of my favourite wines

Pinot from Mac Forbes is really quite spiffy
Ridge Zinfandel gets me totally squiffy
Drinking Loire Chenin of multiple kinds
These are a few of my favourite wines

When the Claret bores
When the cash confines
When the wine’s a thug
I simply remember my favourite wines
And then I feel rather smug

I should make it very clear that there is no chance of a recording of me singing this making it online unless large amounts of money changes hands and lots of fine wine gets consumed.

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