Ocado the online supermarket have stunning steaks

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Based on the frequency with which I visit Hawksmoor (and then mention my visit on Elitistreview), which is clearly London’s best meat restaurant, you have probably got the idea that I like quality beef. I am more than a tad agape to report that Ocado, the online supermarket that sells Waitrose products, are offering seriously high-quality sirloin steaks.

Sounds too good to be true, eh? Supermarket meat is normally drearily anodyne with hardly enough character to satiate a professional ingurgitator of bits of animal. Ocado’s hunks of meat are of a different calibre as they are totally tumescent with powerful beefy characters that just tickle my ticklish bits with gustatory delight.

If you point your browser to this page on Ocado’s site, you’ll see the dry-aged Aberdeen Angus steaks and that they offer you a choice of thickness. Go for thick steaks, let them get up to room temperature then hardly cook them in a frighteningly hot grill pan. These steaks are of such quality that you definitely want them rare.

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‘Rare’ is easy to cook. All it takes is about 90 seconds per side in your formidably hot pan, this will give you a proper crust but leave the inside nice and bloody. Ideally you will then wrap the steaks in tin-foil and leave them to rest for ten minutes, but I will admit that often I just want to dive into the meaty experience. Serve them with butter-fried mushrooms, petits pois and pommes dauphinoises.

If you have no quality-concious butcher in your locality, or you would simply prefer your beefy goodies to be brought to your front door, I cannot recommend Ocado’s sirloin steaks highly enough. Whilst not up to the Hawksmoor-level of refulgent brilliance, they are manifestly tip-top and I would wager they are the best bits of beef you will ever get from a supermarket.