From nature to plate – a great recipe book

Today we have been looking through our latest recipe book acquisitions to find new things to cook. One book has really stood out as having interesting, inventive and inviting recipes in it: From Nature To Plate by Tom Kitchin

Long time readers may recall we [link2post id=”757″]visited Tom Kitchin’s starred establishment[/link2post] when we were in Edinburgh back in April. It was great. Some of the things we tried there have made it into this book and we we’d like to try making them as well as many others.

For sure, as is the current fad with recipe books there is a lot of non-recipe waxing lyrical about the chef’s philosophy and why he is an all-round good bloke. I read bugger all of that shit. Well, some of it, but I wanted to get straight to the food. And the food bits are very good. Clear instructions, useful pictures, all of that kind of stuff you need.

Next weekend we shall report on our successes (or otherwise) with the recipes we’ve chosen to make.