Rather large

We had [link2post id=”421″]pot roast lamb[/link2post] with Dan and ‘Non Stinky’ Jeff last night, they brought this around to drink after dinner. Shame we didn’t have any cheese to go with it.

Old Block Shiraz 2005, St. Hallett

This is so dark in colour it looks black; that is some ripe fruit and serious extraction that has gone to make a wine this dark. Yes, the plummy fruit is very ripe on the nose, with more than a suggestion of jamminess. The booze factor is pretty impressive too, you can tell a couple of bottles of this would really get you finished – wet the bed drunk. But I am merely having a couple of glasses so I can deal with such booze levels. OK, this is the nose of a fighting wine, it is not so complex, but there is something here which makes it worth a bit of attention. It is a fun nose. The palate has more plum jam fruit, massive and massively ripe tannins and an alcoholic warmth. This is a mouth-filling palate of large scale. Once again, this isn’t so complex but it is a fun, fruit bomb of a wine which seems a good drink on a cold autumn night.