Silky Pinot Noir

The basic [link2post id=”1008″]By Farr Pinot[/link2post] was most impressive, this prestige cuvee is a step ahead.

[image image_id=”2462″] Pinot Noir “Sangreal” 2006 By Farr

Lovely, sophisticated fruit on the nose. It has a degree of stemminess, but this just adds to its complexity. And it really is quite complex. Good concentration of aromas on the nose, it smells a lot. Of good things, I hasten to add. The palate is very smooth and silky, with nice, ripe tannins, fresh acidity and truly delicious fruit. This is very attractive and complex, in its first, fun, fleshy stage of development so is tits-out for the boys to drink now. However, if you really can be bothered I feel you could come back to it in, say, seven years and be pleasantly surprised. I don’t think Australian Pinot Noir gets any better than this.