Those Australians make everything these days

Rather than making a thick, sweet liqueur Muscat with this Barossa fruit, Two Hands have made a light, sweet, fizzy wine. Given the miniscule amounts of pleasure I have got out of liqueur Muscats this seems like a good thing to do with your fruit. I think good Italian Moscatos of this style can be some of the most joyful wines you can drink.

‘Brilliant Disguise’ Moscato Bianco 2008, Two Hands

There is plenty of good floral Muscat fruit on the nose. Fresh and fruity. However, there is a worrying insecticide character as well which is not so attractive. And that is pretty much it for the nose, it does not ask too many questions of you. The palate also has more than a hint of some toxic chemical about it, and it is a tiny bit heavy, but I’m impressed by the acidity. Growing Muscat in a place like the Barossa must be a challenge; you do not want the flavours to get too extreme because of the heat. I think Barossa heat has made this just step over to the wrong side of ripe, hence fly spray. However, whilst this is not as lewdly pleasurable as the best Italian Moscatos it is a passable facsimile and worth trying to see another interpretation of the genre.