Where to buy your steak in London

My long-time reader (Mark Locke, apparently) knows my views if you want someone to cook the steak for you: book a table at [link2post tag=”hawksmoor”]Hawksmoor[/link2post], London’s best meat restaurant. You cannot go wrong with their offerings; it is truly, amazingly, stunningly good meat.

So what if one has to cook beef one’s self? The destination of choice is where Hawksmoor score their quality goods: the Ginger Pig. They have other types of meat, including some great sausages, but their beef is what draws us to their stand in Borough Market. These are the sirloin steaks we had last night:

[image image_id=”3252″ size=”large”]

Don’t they look great? They tasted even better. GP give their steaks a proper dose of dry ageing and this means they burst with throbbing flavour. Truly wonderful. When you have meat of this quality you really feel the need to get a charcoal grill installed to experience it at its best. Yeah, I like noshing on such wonderful meat.

There are a couple of other places which I would suggest you visit. The Wild Beef Company, who also have a stand in Borough Market, have some high-quality meat. However, they sell most of the serious cuts to restaurants so if you need something specific it is best to ring up in advance and ask if you can place a reservation for the meat you require.

[image image_id=”3253″ size=”large”]

Finally, for those of us in horrible South-East London you could do worse than drop by Dring’s on Royal Hill in Greenwich. They have served us well with quality fillet steak and some great ribs of beef. A good place to stop by.

I am sure there is other good beef in London; if you have found a source treasure it and make friends with the butcher as quickly as possible. Meat, the best stuff to put in your mouth!