Hopefully not an advanced taste of my summer holiday

This summer we are burning through Alsace and Burgundy. Alsace is considered to be the place in France where the best beers are brewed. I’ve got one here to test that.

Meteor, 4.6%

Bloody hell, I’ve just looked at the label and it contains caramel as a colourant and ascorbic acid as an anti-oxidant. That worries me a bit. So, it is quite dark for lager, that caramel works. Oh dear, what a boring, totally boring, utterly boring palate. Trying to determine any character in this is a fruitless search, it is just piss boring. Boring, get my message? Bit fizzy, bit bitter, and… erm… that is it, I’m afraid. Wow, this is staggeringly dull, world-class tedium.

I’m buggered if I’m drinking this turgid brew when I am in Alsace, or anywhere else for that matter. I do know there is better beer there. There is better beer in a boozer’s drip tray.