Waitrose Organic Vintage Cider is dull

I took a picture of this the other day but didn’t review it. I worry that in this space of time someone might have been fooled into buying this piss-boring, slightly vile cider and so thrown their money away on a poor fun investment.

[image image_id=”1998″ align=”left”]

Waitrose Organic Vintage Cider 2008, 5%

This dreary nose just smells a little bit dirty and a little bit apple-y, just too much like a miserable autumn morning in the rain in an orchard. It is just mildly nasty, and as one who would rather be offended than bored this gets my back up on both counts. The palate is a work of vapid, trite and generally mediocre favours which you just don’t feel have any depth. It could be that this just isn’t strong enough, a higher booze-quotient would give body and carry the flavours. I don’t believe that, though, I’ve had very good 5% cider. This is just dreadful, dull, dire, dish-water.