What 2002 Pommard Premier Cru am I lacking?

I’ve just scored a bottle of Pommard Premier Cru Rugiens 2002 from de Montille. I also have Pommard Premier Cru Clos des Epeneaux 2002 from Comte Armand, and both Premier Cru Rugiens and Premier Cru Grand Clos des Epenots both de Courcel from 2002.

Now, I find myself feeling pretty smug about having such quality Pommard that promises to provide a lot of pleasure at some future event. I do wonder, however, if there is any other 2002 Premier Cru Pommard I am missing out on*. I think not, but I’d be willing to entertain any suggestions that other people might have. And Pommard can be lovely, Jeremy, so a bottle of Cotes de Nuits red would not be an appropriate suggestion**.

*I also have Pommard Premier Cru Jarollieres 2002 from Pousse d’Or, but I doubt this will deliver the olfactory fireworks as the wines mentioned above.

**I already have a more than suitable ringer for the mass Pommard-tasting: [link2post id=”1486″]Sancerre Rouge[/link2post].