1997 was damned-good in Germany

I tried this chez Haag with my great chum Gernot Schleiss when we visited in 1998. I knew they were pretty freaking triple-A then, and now I get to enjoy them when they are showing off with a bit of age. Hooray!

[image image_id=”2291″] Riesling Auslese Brauneberger-Juffer Sonnenuhr Fuder 6 1997, Fritz Haag

A proper nose of mature Riesling: citrus fruit and petrol. It has a truly inspiring minerality to it, really slaty. The thing you have to love about 1997 German wine, though, is the fruit, and this has it in spades. This is seriously complex on the nose and has bags of style. The palate has plenty of sweetness and a lot of fruit, but great acidity and real vivacity. It bursts with energy and life which is great for an eleven year old wine. It is very long, and really oozes class and complexity. This is a really ubermensch-level wine. Fruit, minerality, life, what more could one ask for? Probably time to drink now and over the next five years, though.