Loosen really can deliver the goods with some of their wines

Sometimes Dr Loosen wines just seem a bit simple, sometimes they seem like they will not age, but when you buy the right stuff in the right vintages by merkin can they be fantastic.

Riesling Auslese GoldKap Erdener Pralat 1997, Dr Loosen

Bit orange, which I suppose shouldn’t worry me as it is so old and so ripe. Still gives me a moment of doubt when I pour wines of this colour. The nose has ultra-pure lemon fruit and an incredible mineral character which just burns its stylish personality across your mind. It is very fruity. It is just so charming but also rigorous in its lively style. The palate also has a screaming acidity and bonkers minerality which add to its memory forming character. The lemon rich fruit is better than real lemons actually are. If you could imagine the worlds most finely balanced and refreshing, rather than heroic, margarita, with an incredible complexity and a real level of life then it wouldn’t be as good as this.