A Riesling worthy of celebration

Today I did something that meant quite a lot to me and I’m very proud to have managed: I went out to the postal delivery office by myself and collected a parcel waiting for me. Now, this may not sound like very much at all to you peculiar normal people, but I have been too terrified of what’s out there and what’s in my head to go out unescorted in an age. I got anxious, I picked my lips nervously but I stayed in reasonable control and bloody well did it. Personal development continues and there will be more in the future as I get better and better at finding more useful strategies to deal with my panoply of issues. Did I tell you I’ve been hilariously psychotic this past week? Anyway, chum Sean on Facebook suggested the ‘going out’-pill might be easier to swallow if I had a glass of something good waiting for my return; this seemed an excellent idea and wine was arranged for my return.

Just as a general comment, but extremely applicable to this Robert Weil Spatlese 2007, German Riesling is quite mind-bogglingly drinkable. Even though The Editor and I were highly animated in discussing this coruscating gem of a wine, and I was sketching a tasting note, the bottle lasted a bit less than ten minutes. We tasted, we analysed, we drank and we massively enjoyed having a great time with a bottle of Riesling worthy of celebration!

Robert Weil Spatlese Kiedrich Grafenberg 2007Riesling Spatlese Kiedrich Grafenberg 2007, Weingut Robert Weil

Ooooohhh… yummy. yummy, yummy! This is a nose that just drips with gratification and it’s obviously pleading to give you a quite passionately good time. Quite pulsing with power and density as well. This is solidly-built, experienced and lubriciously eager temptress. It’s stunningly complex, too, there is a lot to think about as you sniff this. However, so obvious are the lustful pleasures being offered up by this nose that I just have to get a good mouthful of its assets. Brilliant! The first impression is that it is quite sweet for a Spatlese, indeed its pretty obvious it could have managed a higher ripeness category. No problems with that, though as the acidity is spot on to keep the whole thing thrilled with life. It is not the most acidic wine in the world, but the level is just fine. That power I could detect on the nose certainly displays on the palate so even though it is elegant there’s a lot to get your teeth into. There are a lot of very sophisticated mineral flavours here too, it’s one of the most complex Weil wines I’ve had in a while. These features could be particularly obvious because the wine is in such an ebulliently drinkable stage of its evolution. I hope I don’t get any stuck-record comments saying I am drinking this much too young because I am obviously not. Everything about it’s nose and palate expresses itself with joyous clarity and lewd enjoyment value; expecting this wine to deliver even more just because you age it a bit longer would be churlish at best and slightly unhinged at worst. If I may ponder briefly, because of the density, acidity and sweetness of this wine it has slight shades of a really good moelleux Savennieres. Only without the wet dogs and nicer. But now you’ve dragged me down this path I wonder if there is a hint of very clean and immaculately groomed dog on the epically long and complex finish of the Weil. Brilliant wine – drink yours as soon as the date we can arrange for me visiting comes around. I may even come alone if further strides can be made!!!

Purely for the sake of completeness as regards to my preamble, the thing I had to pick up from the postal delivery office and pay a customs charge on were these rather spiffy monster-print shorts. Aren’t they cracking?

Davy's totally beezer monster-print shorts