Not enitrely nice, but completely lovely

This is part of our ‘good wine at fifteen quid’ purchase. What a good purchase it was.

Savennieres “La Jalousie” 2005, Domaine du Closel/Chateau des Vaults

One thing you can say without fear of contradiction about the nose of this is that it is quite characterful. It has Chenin Blanc sulphur and wet dog aromas, plus some baked apple fruit. It is really quite mineral, and has a nice sweetness from its relatively high alcohol content. There is a pleasing degree of complexity to the nose of this, even if it doesn’t smell entirely nice in a conventional sense. Despite the ripeness and weight of this wine, the palate is quite elegant. It has good minerality and fine acidity running through it. It also has those slightly off flavours that Savennieres can often have, but we like those really. There is real extract and flavour to this wine, very characterful, and it is quite complex. This is a very nice wine, I am pleased.