Spot the favourites

I was just looking at my wine database, specifically the distribution of regions and the varietals of all my wines. This is the regions distribution:

My, I own a lot of Burgundy

Here are the varietals:

That is a lot of Pinot

As you can see, I like red Burgundy. The only other Pinot Noir I own is a single bottle of Blanc de Noirs Champagne and a bottle of red Sancerre. It is a bit of a shame I don’t have one-third of my collection being Pinot Noir, but I am happy that over a third of it is Burgundy. I am also pleased with the amount of Riesling I have; some good bottles of German and Alsace wine in that 21.2%. I’ve got quite a lot of Mourvèdre for such a rarely-seen variety. Good, I like Mourvèdre. The amount of Rhône wine has dropped quite a lot over the past few months, thanks to me selling off some sub-interest wines.

I enjoy having these little peeks into my collection. Shame most of the wines are so far away.