Back from France

I’m just back from France with a bag full of wine and a book full of notes. The notes will be written up and posted over the next few days, so do check back.

I may as well share some thoughts with you. 2008 in Burgundy looks like a vintage with a lot of promise Some of the wines were a little difficult to taste thanks to their stage of evolution, but I feel pretty confident that most will turn out extremely well. The wines showed good concentration, acidity and fruit, with the harmony to be properly noble.

2007 is a wonderfully charming and delicious vintage for Burgundy. Plenty of serious wines made, but most seem to be for the medium term of pleasure provision rather than things to hide in the cellar for ages.

Just down the road in Alsace 2007 seems like a totally top vintage across the board. Pretty much everything we tried seemed delicious and some have good cellaring potential.

Restaurant l’Arnsbourg is still an amazing place to eat.